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Wholesale NFL Jerseys

Fast forward to the end of the season and Kareem Hunt reeled off a 35-yard run to cement his position as the league’s leading rusher for 2017. A rushing champion should sell plenty of jerseys, especially an exciting young rookie. So what gives?Cheap Sports Jerseys. Are there really eight rookies who are ahead of him.It would make sense if those rookies were all quarterbacks, but the reality is that the NFL Shop is selling more T.J. Watt jerseys than Hunt. In fact, every rookie running back besides Dalvin Cook sold more, including Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette and Alvin Kamara. The latter two had a great year, but McCaffrey’s position shows his first round pedigree provided him more attention up front than Hunt earned all season.Replica Jerseys.


The NFL announced Wednesday that Carson Wentz’s number 11 jersey is number one when it comes to the most popular jerseys sold by the NFL shop this year.Discount Jerseys.Wentz beat out Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.According to the NFL, Wentz was the top seller in nine states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Utah, Delaware, North Dakota and Montana. Wentz also took the top spot in the District of Columbia.Cheap Football Jerseys.No other Eagles made the top 30 in jersey sales.


It also shows that the Chiefs have a long, long way to go in terms of popularity if they’re ever going to match the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.Cheap China Jerseys. First on the list of jerseys this season is JuJu Smith-Schuster, a nice young wideout but hardly the sort of player you’d identify with “best-selling.” Together with Watt, however, you realize quickly that Steelers fans just wanted to buy new jerseys en masse. They could have any last name on the back.